A Family Affair

remus_lumber_facebookNile Young began his career at Remus Lumber and Elevator in 1959, eventually purchasing the lumber business in 1966.  Ten years later, the company purchased and renovated an abandoned pickle factory west of Remus, a location they maintain to this day.  Always working hand-in hand, Nile and Carolyn began to build their dream, slowly growing the business as they quickly grew their family.
At Remus Lumber, one cannot exist without the other; three generations now work in the family business.  Following the lessons taught by their parents are Vern Young and Nila Simon, both working the industry since they were old enough to stock shelves or sweep up the warehouse.  Now they take on the role of managers, a formidable brother and sister team that has more experience at their relatively young age than most business owners gain in a lifetime. 

Also leading the way is Ron Simon who, with almost 30 years experience in hardware, estimating and customer service, brings an unparalleled level of knowledge to do-it-yourselfers seeking answers to their projects, as well as contractors looking of a knowledgeable estimator.

Nile and Carolyn’s commitment to the highest quality does not stop with their family. From top to bottom, Remus Lumber has one of the most experienced groups of professionals in the industry.  Yard Manager Brad Balcer has been taking care of customers for over 10 years with an unrivaled work ethic and constant smile. Brad leads the yard crew that makes your pick-up or delivery smooth and painless. Our Kitchen and Bath specialist Sue Hogg, has been roaming the aisles for 20 plus years, taking the most complicated new construction to home improvement projects and making it seem painless and fun.  And let’s not forget the rest of the ream at Remus Lumber, Allen Schuckaski 20 plus years of service, Gale Simon 10 plus years of service, a group that we believe is the best in the business.